Casa Susperregui, a lingerie shop since 1930, where we did exhibit Foto Ramblas, a collection of photos taken in the studio/laboratory of the same name, which was in the middle of the Ramblas in Barcelona, Spain, from the mid-1950s until 1998.
This collection has been exhibited in the Canal de Isabel II in Madrid, in the Tate Modern in London, in Galería dels Angels in Barcelona…  In this space, we’ll see portraits of women and showgirls. A way of life and a way to capture images and take photos using analog photography which is today virtually extinct.

In all city centers everywhere, as is happening here in San Sebastián, the sight of big chains doing away with small, local businesses are the clearest and most visible example of the future in store for us. The implementation of a unique model, where anything goes, and which sacrifices diversity and values of all kinds in its path, while destroying the past.

We want to bring to the center of Donosti, to the shop windows of the most commercial streets, the most interesting work of artists and designers working in the outskirts of the city. And invite our citizens to move away from the norm, to go further, offering them other ways of living and consuming.

The dancers Myriam Perez Cazabon and Leire Otamendi gave a performance.

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