Semillas Elosegui

The Exhibition for Closure project, promoted by Eva Villar, combines a series of artistic and exhibition events in small shops in our cities, shops which are going to close or have already turned their lights out. Taking memory as our common thread and reclaiming these unique, irreplaceable spaces, Villar wants to take artistic work to the street, taking it out of the norms for exhibitions, and challenging people directly.

Exhibition for Closure pays homage to these traditional shops, with their links to local history and culture. In order to open a space for critical reflection, each event will show a selection of works by committed artists, valuing the ability of contemporary art to interrogate and affect our awareness.
Semillas Elosegui, the “beetroot shop”, closed its doors on December 31st, 2019 after more than 100 years; it had become part of the daily landscape in the old part of town.

In this exhibition we present the work of Jon Cazenave, María Cueto, and Jaime de Los Ríos, three artists who in their different ways converse with nature and memory, imagining ways to link us to the most attentive, respectful surroundings. Seeds, small containers of ancestral knowledge, capsules of bio-cultural memory selected with care by farmers, work on this occasion as a metaphor that links the contents of the exhibition. Art, like seeds, seeks the right place to germinate and grow again. It also has the creative power to generate new forms of life and processes of social transformation.

Performance by Myriam Perez Cazabon and Leire Otamendi.

Teleberri, Semillas Elosegui 12.12.2019  LINK
Diario Vasco, Arte para la tienda de la remolacha  LINK
Noticias de Gipuzkoa, Un baile para despedir a Semillas Elosegui  PDF

Ur aitz (2016-2017)_ Jon Cazenave, + info:

Constellation 2009_ María Cueto, + info:

A sourceful of a memories_ Jaime de los Ríos, + info:

Big brands and chains are killing local shops, sweeping away the past, and shared knowledge. That is how the large-scale food companies work, creating standardized, genetically modified seeds that cannot be reproduced, forcing farmers who use them to buy them again every year. These sterile seeds which no longer part of the basic cycle of life and memory transmission become a mere product to market on the global market, stripped of any relational link with the ecosystem.
We believe artistic action is a way of standing up to those life-extinguishing processes, and that spaces full of memory, such as Elosegui Seeds, invite us to cultivate our imagination and rescue forgotten stories that allow us to build ways of life that are not based on the speed of consumption and the immediacy of oblivion.

The works presented here are an invitation to reflect on time, memory, and the forms of nature with artistic, creative sensibility and not from the point of view of the dominance of consumption and exploitation. The works of Cazenave, Cueto, and de Los Ríos seek to show relationships and decipher codes that remind us of the rhythms of life, inspiring us to create and transmit the memory of what we are and where we live.