Ricardo Optico / La Esperanza

We want to pay tribute to the shop keeper, to all those people who persevere in what they do. Showing the work of Juan Ugalde and Iker Spozio.

We want to bring to the center of San Sebastian, to the shop windows of the most commercial streets, the most interesting work of artists and designers working in the outskirts of the city. And invite our citizens to move away from the norm, to go further, offering them other ways of living and consuming. We need to keep our minds wide open, instead of blindly following what is laid down before us. Proving wrong the old chestnut that says, there’s nothing we can do because, with everybody’s help, there is something we can do. Create more solid and participative societies. We don’t want to proffer moralistic speeches, because reality is what it is, but we do want to infect it with our way of doing things.

We want to reoccupy the idea of being committed to something, of taking part, of fighting with thought.

In all city centers everywhere, as is happening here in San Sebastian, the sight of big chains doing away with small, local businesses are the clearest and most visible example of the future in store for us. The implementation of a unique model, where anything goes, and which sacrifices diversity and values of all kinds in its path, while destroying the past.

“There is no new creation which is not built on tradition, just as there is no tradition which lives on without the sap of creation” – Carlos Fuentes, Mexican writer, intellectual and diplomat as well as Cervantes Award winner.

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