Por X Motivos

The synergies that arise between different artists and the need to address current topics are the main reasons for organizing exhibitions at RQER.
This time we have organized a meeting between three artists who live in Donostia: Miguel Orcal, Iker Spozio, and Marc Pe who are from Lima, Musadino (Italy), and Barcelona respectively. Their paths have crossed at RQER “For x Reasons”. His point in common is his collaboration with the world of communication, his artistic exploring different paths:

Plastic artist and tattoo artist Miguel Orcal create androgynous portraits with a clear graphical component. Spectators can appropriate these pieces by incorporating them into their bodies; the artist will make tattoos of the works on display.

Iker Spozio is showing some of his most recent “Conversation Pieces”, compositions with geometric elements in the dialogue between themselves and the space around them using tempera and oleoresins on calcium caseate”.

The organic lines and forms that emerge in new surreal worlds with their landscapes, buildings, and abstract inhabitants are the main features in Marc Pe’s work.

Diario Vasco, Miguel Orcal, Iker Spozio y Marc Pe exponen arte gráfico en RQER  LINK

Conversation Pieces, Iker Spozio.

Portraits made with ink tattoo, Miguel Orcal.