My Toy Generation

Series composed by around 25 pieces, variable measures, in color pencil over cardboard. Toys reproduced in their real size. Geyperman, Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker… They belong to our collective imagination, to our leisure time and children’s games. Since we are children, we adopt an interest in saving and preserving the objects that we like the most. Sometimes, the anxiety of collecting brings us to compose a full series of toys as the geyperman or the playmobil. When we are adults we recover these objects with the intention of protecting and recreate magical instants of children games.

Miguel Orcal (Lima, Perú 1979) retrieves his toys from his childhood and creates a small catalog with them. Trough their reproduction made by a pencil, primary technique and that evokes us to the childhood stage; he retakes each one to represent a small part of his personal universe. Taking a view of the past, to that stage when his imagination was born and his first artistic interests, he portraits himself through the elements that went along with him in his childhood. Not only have they belonged to his childhood, but also to ours. The use of popular elements helps the personal portrait to go further and reach a whole generation, defined by the toys that joined their childhood and the analog formats that are so characteristic and nostalgic at the same time.

Presenting this toy catalog, we show the most faithful portrait of the author and of a whole generation…

Diario Vasco, El rincón de los artistas emergentes  LINK