Foto Ramblas

Foto Ramblas is a collection of photographs taken at the photography studio with the same name that was open in the Ramblas of Barcelona, Spain, from the mid- ’50s to 1998. This entire bequest (photographs and negatives) is a tribute to photography as the social, cultural, and anthropological register of Barcelona within the context of this specific historical moment.

In the night world from the ’70s and ’80s, many of the longings of Spanish society were revealed: vedettes, comedians, musicians, singers, and other artists fed the desire for liberalization. The theatrical poses and their extreme nakedness stand out in the series, they provoke and face the moral and correcting parameters of the society at that time. In the areas surrounding the Ramblas were the locales of the most famous theatre and variety shows of the city, a paradigm of the modernization of Spanish society.

This collection has been exhibited in Canal Isabel II, Madrid; Galería Ángels, Barcelona; Tate Modern, London…

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