After a long period of reflection on how to bring the works of artists closer to people, we began to work on a new exhibition program in spaces of the city that was going to disappear. Places full of history, which deserve a farewell. Positive act for closure, a tribute to the past without getting nostalgic. We also believe that by taking the visitor into an everyday context, outside exhibition norms, we will manage to reach people who do not usually visit art centers or exhibitions, and that way work’s message will be more potent.

“Welcome, Exhibition for Demolition” was the first milestone. A collective exhibition that took place inside several houses in the center of Donostia. The demolition of this building was part of an urban development that included the construction of 534 new homes. The transition of a working-class neighborhood becoming a strategic residential enclave in the city affected perception in local people’s collective memory.

The building was demolished, and with it disappeared all those special moments which had taken place inside those homes: births, deaths, loves, heartbreaks, celebrations, clashes… This demolition offered us a unique opportunity to invade the rooms with the work of artists in different formats and about the theme of memory.
It was a perfect occasion to involve the people involved in this change: local people.

Artists: Santiago Garcés, Santos Montes, Sergio Oksman, Laura Piñeiro, Juan Ugalde, Jon Uriarte, Miguel Orcal and Eva Villar.

Diario Vasco, Exposición por derribo  LINK
Gara, Exposición por derribo, una despedida llena de recuerdos a un barrio muy vivo   PDF
Versant Sud, Expo avant destruction   PDF

Juan Ugalde.
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Laura Piñeiro.
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Santos Montes.

Miguel Orcal and Eva Villar.

Jon Uriarte.
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Santiago Garcés.
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A Story for the Modlins, Sergio Oksman.


Eva Villar.
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