The RQER creation space was opened in San Sebastian in 2011.
Directed by Eva Villar, it was founded with the purpose of encouraging proposals about drawings, photography, and video. The aim was to be a window into artistic creation from different countries.

After a long period of reflection on how to bring the works of artists closer to people, we began to work on a new exhibition program in spaces of the city that were going to disappear, or spaces such as traditional shops that were in danger of extinction. We wanted to introduce the viewer to a different space, outside exhibition norms.

“Welcome, Exhibition for Demolition” was the first milestone. A collective exhibition that took place inside several houses in the center of Donostia. The demolition of this building gave us the unique opportunity to invade the rooms with the work of artists working in different formats on the theme of memory.

We are continuing to follow this exhibition program in shops, showing the work of people committed to their work, emphasizing very important values for creating a better society and future. The image of how large chains are killing local commerce is the clearest, most visible example of where we are going. The implementation of a single model, in which everything goes, sacrificing in its wake diversity and all kinds of values, destroying the past. They have homogenized city centers, now you do not know anymore if you are in Madrid, Barcelona, Paris…

Culture is what makes us uniques.

Diario Vasco, El rincón de los artistas emergentes  LINK

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